At BrandWorks, our purpose is simple

To accelerate brand growth through smarter strategy and marketing


We bring clarity and energy to your

Brand Purpose, Brand Strategy

 & Activity Execution


We bring it alive and make it happen through

Workshops, Coaching & Project Delivery


Brands can lose sight of their purpose and positioning, become impacted by category and competitor challenges and sometimes, just struggle to deliver much-needed innovation…leading to brand growth stalling.

At BrandWorks, we take a straightforward approach to identify your underlying issues and provide solutions to reinvigorate brand growth.

We focus on driving actionable growth by applying our effort to the biggest gains to give you an efficient and measurable return on investment.

With many years’ experience dealing with all manner of food brand challenges, we’re able to hit the ground running bringing energy and clarity to accelerate your growth.


How can we help you?


Brand Purpose, Strategy and Activity Execution

We love working with ambitious brands to define purpose, develop strategy and execute activity to drive growth. We are experienced in developing growth strategies for large and small brands, we understand the market you operate in and are well versed in the challenges that need to be addressed.

We can reinvigorate your brand; bringing fresh insight, experience, analytics and vision to break through your barriers and drive growth

We take a straightforward approach to identify and clarify how to solve your underlying issues and provide solutions to accelerate growth.

Areas we can help you in:
• Defining your brand purpose, positioning and target consumer
• Developing your brand growth strategy
• Delivering marketing activity, innovation and NPD projects

How It Works
1. Call or email to arrange an initial no-obligation chat via phone or Skype
2. We’ll listen to your challenges and prepare a proposal outlining how we’ll approach your project
3. We discuss, amend and sign off the proposal
4. We get to work!

Price: We work with you to suit your needs on either a fixed project fee or day rate basis

60 Minute Phone Consultation To Solve Specific Issues & Get You Moving

We love helping brands sort out their issues to kick-start growth. With plenty of industry experience helping large and small brands grow, we know how to quickly address the challenges your brand is faced with and get growing.

Don’t struggle alone: Get the benefit of our experience by signing up for a phone consultation

If you’d like advice in a specific area and need to get quick results this is a great option to get you unstuck and moving in the right direction.

Areas we can help you in:
• Refining your brand purpose, positioning or target market to drive growth
• Optimising your packaging design for maximum impact
• Developing your food brand or new product ideas to get you off to a great start
• Solving pretty much any brand issue that is keeping you up at night!

How It Works
1. Click the PayPal button below
2. We’ll send you an online survey so you can tell us more about your business and the specific issue you’d like to discuss
3. We’ll contact you to arrange a suitable time for us to chat and immerse ourselves in your burning issue, reviewing all the information you’ve sent us and prepare ideas and suggestions for you ahead of our call
4. On the call we’ll power through your issue, agreeing actions you can take now to move forward

We can give a lot of advice in 60 minutes, but want to ensure you leave the call with clear actions to progress. Therefore it’s best if we focus on tackling one specific area only.

Price: £250 + VAT