Introducing the Small Business Bootcamp…

I hope you’ve had a great summer and made the most of the sunshine.

I’ve been enjoying a mix of holidaying in France, working with some interesting clients and have also been working with a couple of partners on a new venture over the past few months…hence the lack of blog posts and emails from me recently.

As we move into autumn, I’ve got loads of new stuff to share and I’m very, very excited to share a sneak preview of what we’ve been working on over the past few months….

This new venture has come out of my personal mission to help businesses grow through simple, effective marketing.

So if you struggle when it comes to marketing, either because you’re overwhelmed by all the tactics that are available and don’t know where to start, or you’ve taken action but haven’t got the results you want to see, the Small Business Marketing Bootcamp may be for you.

We’ve designed the Small Business Marketing Bootcamp specifically to help demystify marketing for small business owners, giving you practical tools and the support you need to develop an effective marketing strategy and grow your business.

What’s unique about this boot camp is that three experts in their field support you over a four-month period, enabling you to learn, develop and execute your own tailor-made marketing plan and get the results you want to see.

I’ll share more details shortly, but if it sounds interesting, you can get more details on the Bootcamp here or follow us on Twitter.

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