Top tips to make your food brand packaging ROCK the shelf

How many seconds does a consumer spend deciding which brand to purchase in-store?

Not many!

Here are my top tips and some examples to help your brand stand out and rock the shelf.

  1. Don’t follow the category norms – If you want to stand out, you must be distinctive in colour, shape or message.  I love Sown & Grown tubes – standing out in a sea of cereal bags and boxes!sowngrown
  2. Try to communicate three (or less) things on the front of your pack – any more and it’s just noise the consumer won’t see or readfunky-nut-co
  3. Talk in consumer language – It’s more authentic and will engage more strongly than business-speakoatly
  4. Use graphic devices smartly and sparingly – the right icon in the right colour can communicate loads in an instantjordans-device
  5. Do put mock up packs on shelves in store before you print – Your design may be fantastic, but if consumers can’t see it in poor light or behind a freezer door…it needs to work hardershelf-shot
  6. Always make text bigger and colours bolder than you’d like – Consumers will rarely stare at your packs as long as you do!troo-granola
  7. Build discovery into your design – what can you put on pack for your fans to discover and engage with?  Innocent do this really well
  8. Create a great brief for your design agency – if you want authentic design that is distinctive this is a MUST, but most often overlooked in all the excitement!


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