Is delighting consumers the most important part of your business?

What have you done to delight your consumers today?

What did you do yesterday?

What will you do next week?

How do you know they’re really delighted?

Look, I know it’s almost Christmas. You’ve got a hundred and one things to do before the festive break and here I am asking awkward questions. But, I want you to think about this…

If you’re not delighting your consumers, a competitor will gladly do it for you.

Delighting consumers sounds simple, but it’s all too easy to lose sight of it as your brand grows. Business processes develop, your team grows, meetings take over…you can reach a point where you lose sight of what you’re actually selling and who you’re selling it to, let alone whether you’re delighting them!

One of my favourite quotes from Richard Branson articulates this really well.

A business is simply an idea to make other people’s lives better

Delighting consumers sits right at the heart of any successful brand. After all – unhappy consumers won’t come back to you; they’ll go somewhere else. While delighted consumers will not only keep coming back, they’ll also tell everyone they know how great you are.

Call them your loyalists, brand ambassadors, your tribe, your raving fans…whatever. But recognise consumers make your brand successful and delighted consumers are more important than ever.

With consumers being bombarded with more communication ‘noise’ than ever before, how can your brand cut through?

Be authentic, be super targeted and delight your consumers.

Are Your Consumers Delighted?
You’ll most likely have a pretty good idea if you’re delighting your consumers already. They’ll be telling you through hard data measures like penetration and repeat purchase rates, via social media and your customer care team.

When did you last check how delighted your consumers are? Are there trends you can identify that show what’s delighting them or the areas you can address to improve your overall ‘delightfulness’?

Developing Your ‘Delightfulness’


  1. Establish A Baseline

Areas you should consider measuring are penetration, repeat rate, average weight of purchase – these give you hard numbers.
Also consider consumer contact measures such as negative & positive contacts and social media mentions.

2. Set An Ambition
Many businesses focus on reducing complaints.
Generally, more people will complain than praise you, but what if you focussed on improving your ‘delightfulness’ for consumers at every touch-point so more of them would feel compelled to praise you? I bet if you set this as your goal and measured it, you’d also see your complaint rates reduce.

3. Develop A Plan
Look at every consumer touch-point – what you could do differently to really delight in this area?
Identify three to four things you can do that would make a difference and are achievable. Then go start doing them.

If you’re not sure what will have the greatest benefit for your consumers, ask them.

Use social media to reach out and engage them in helping you build a stronger brand – they’ll gladly tell you, and it’s far better than using social media to tweet five banal statements a day just so you can tick off ‘engagement’!

4. Measure The Results
Track your progress to help you understand which areas are working, which aren’t, and which areas you can explore in the future.
Finally, never underestimate the power that occasional, genuine ‘above and beyond’ customer service can have in building engagement with the consumer who receives it and everyone they share it with.

So go for it – Make the changes, ask for feedback, measure responses and adjust your approach until your consumers are telling you they’re delighted!

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