How well are you developing the people in your business?

Having spent time with a range of different business teams recently, today I’m focussing on the #1 asset in most businesses….the people.

Sure, a great idea, brand, product, service and system are all important. But ultimately, it’s your team that really makes your business work.

So, without getting into leadership and management theory, below are seven principles that I’ve found make the difference between average and outstanding team performance.

1. Be really clear on what your business is about, where it is going and LEAD.  This quote from @StandardsInt sums it up really well.

2. Recognise that the roles and skills you need will change as your business develops and has to meet new challenges.

3. Talk to your team to understand how well their capability and ambition match your ambition for the business.

4. Learn how to delegate effectively.  You simply can’t do everything yourself as your business grows. But delegation, isn’t abdication. Delegate the responsibility for task, but remember you hold the accountability.

5. Embrace diversity.  We all see the world differently and have differing personalities. Understand and harness the strength of alternative personalities in team-working to achieve superior results. Learn more about Myers Briggs personality types here.

6. Recruit based on ambition and attitude first, then skill level.  Skills can be developed but changing an attitude is far harder.

7. Never rush external recruitment.  Bringing someone into your team who isn’t the right fit is a bigger headache than being stretched while you’re finding the right person.

When you’re wrapped up inside your business, there’s often not the time to really see what is needed. Seeking external support can help bring clarity to develop your #1 asset.

At BrandWorks, we support food brand owners in reinvigorating and accelerating brand growth.


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