Clarify your brand purpose to build a stronger brand

Clarity of brand purpose is what separates winning brands from those who are simply in the race.

A compelling purpose inspires your team to excel, makes planning the ‘right’ brand activities simple and, in being more authentic, it builds greater engagement with your consumers. Conversely, trying to grow a brand without clarity of purpose is rather like driving with the handbrake on. The car still moves, but it ain’t half hard work!

If you feel you’re busy ‘driving’ your brand with the brake on, it could be that you need to get back in touch with your purpose.

Brand Purpose isn’t some secret formula; it’s just the acknowledgement that purpose is a far greater driver of success than simply making a profit. As Simon Sinek explains in his book Start With Why and his TED Talk,

“People don’t buy what you do. They buy why you do it”.

Clarifying your brand purpose is extremely powerful because it;

  1. Describes the impact your brand makes on the lives of your consumer
  2. Attracts the right people (both consumers and employees) to your brand
  3. Enables you to communicate your brand more authentically

Oh, and of course, being clear about why you do what you do makes your work-life and brand decisions a whole lot easier.

Unfortunately, some brands aren’t clear on their purpose. They may have been when originally started, but as the brand begins to grow and the team gets bigger, the founding purpose can easily get lost or forgotten all together.

But, because a clear purpose is so powerful, successful brands take the time to find / clarify / remind themselves frequently of why they do what they do.

How clear is your purpose?  Do you want to build a stronger brand?

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