I founded BrandWorks to accelerate brand growth for ambitious businesses

Having worked in the food industry for over 20 years, successfully developing effective brand strategy as Head of Marketing for Associated British Foods, Premier Foods and RHM, I know a bit about the challenges faced when growing food brands in the UK.

At BrandWorks, I love using my wealth of experience to help food brands break through barriers and deliver growth.  My pragmatic, hands-on approach is focused on delivering tangible commercial results for ambitious businesses.

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How We Like To Work

  • In partnership with ambitious businesses to get them growing
  • With passionate individuals who are driven to make a difference
  • With flexibility in where, when & how to work (the best ideas often come when you’re not looking!)


What We Do

  • See opportunities and develop actionable strategies to step-change brand growth
  • Deliver results by keeping things simple & then executing with good old-fashioned hard work!
  • Deliver real, tangible, commercial results – yes, sales & profit!


What We Don’t Do

  • Accept the status quo
  • Exclusive contracts – working with a select few businesses gives breadth of insight
  • Waste time in unnecessary meetings…We’d rather be doing something to grow your brand!

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